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How to reach Vrindavan

Visited by millions of devotees every year, Vrindavan stands at the site where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The sacred land of Vrindavan is dotted with numerous temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna. Located on the banks of river Yamuna, Vrindavan has special significance for the followers of Vaishnavism. It is perceived as the headquarters of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Though the city welcomes visitors all through the year, yet it is wise to plan a trip to Vrindavan during holy. The festival of color is celebrated with a special enthusiasm in Vrindavan owing to its close association with Lord Krishna.

The region enjoys connectivity from all parts of the country. There are regular buses and taxis from Delhi and other parts of Uttar Pradesh. UP roadways and Haryana roadways buses also operate in Vrindavan. Private autos, rickshaws, shared autos have preferred a mode of transportation within the city.

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How to reach Vrindavan

By Air

The closest International / Domestic airport near Vrindavan is located only 150 Kms / 93 miles - the Delhi International Airport. From there, it is just a 3 hour drive to Vrindavan. A cab drive from Delhi Airport to Vrindavan usually costs not more than Rs.3,000 for Drop-off.

By Train

Vrindavan is just a 15 mins drive from the Mathura Railway Station which is the closest railway station near Vrindavan. Multiple trains from all over the country is available to reach Mathura. From there, you can take a cab or auto which should not cost more than Rs.200 to drop you off anywhere in Vrindavan.

By Road

Vrindavan is located between Delhi and Agra. There are 2 highways one can take to reach Vrindavan -

  • Yamuna Expressway - This is by far the best and quickest road to Vrindavan from Delhi via Noida - Greater Noida. It is a 6-lane expressway. After the second toll booth, while coming from Delhi, one needs to take the first left exit from the expressway towards Vrindavan, which is just about 12 Kms from the second toll booth. Approximate time taken from South Delhi to Vrindavan through Yamuna Expressway is usually 2 Hours 15 Minutes. The toll charges from Delhi to Vrindavan is Rs.275.
  • National Highway 2 or NH 2 - This is another road one can take to reach Vrindavan from Delhi via Faridabad. This is also a good option to take if you are coming from south Delhi region near Badarpur or Faridabad. Approximate time taken from South Delhi to Vrindavan through NH 2 is usually 3 Hours. The toll charge is around Rs.200.

We hope you have a safe and comfortable stay in Vrindavan!

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